HP Internet Printer Connection Software doesn't work with cups

Ryan Lovett bugs at spacecoaster.org
Thu Aug 2 15:29:04 PDT 2007

> We are using this tool, because printers in windows can be renamed. This is not possible (afaik) with the standard IPP feature of windows.
> And we need the renaming feature to make some ancient DOS programs work.
> Regards,
> Alexander Elbs

You actually can rename Windows network printers. I forgot where I found these instructions, but they've worked for me.

Problem: In Windows 2000/XP you cannot rename network printers, a function that exists on the Windows 9X operating systems. Network printers that appear on the same on the network are difficult to differentiate.

Solution: Microsoft has documented that you are no longer able to rename network printers in 2000 and XP operating systems, however, you can still rename the printers from the registry.

Caution must be used, because if the printer naming is done incorrectly, it may cause loss of connection to that printer and/or you would have to re-add that printer using the Add Printer wizard.

The network printer you want to change must first be added to your computer. (There must be a network printer icon in the Control Panel > Printers).

If you want to rename a network printer, follow these steps:

   1. Go to Start > Run > type regedit. This will open the registry.
   2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers
   3. Select the printer you want to rename in the left panel.
   4. In the right panel look for a key called "Name" and double-click.
   5. This will allow you to change its value. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE WHOLE VALUE! The only part that you can change is the final part of the value.

      Example: \\unassigned 'laserwriter'\Laserwriter 12-600 you can change this to:
      \\unassigned "laswerwriter'\My Laserwriter
   6. Once you have changed the value, restart the printing services or the machine.

Note: In some cases the icon may change, but it should not effect the printer functionality.

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