Driver for HP Photosmart 6180 for LINUX RedHat EL5

Nick Stamatakos stamatakos.nick at
Mon Aug 6 09:03:38 PDT 2007

> Does anybody know of a driver for LINUX RedHat EL5 that will work with the HP Photosmart 6180?  We have an ethernet network connection.  I can see the printer status (available ink, etc, via the web ipp address -- but can't find a driver for in vis CUPS.
> Thanks
> Nick Stamatakos

I played around with CUPS, and found that if I choose
APPSOCKET/HP Jet Direct  AND  HP Photosmart 7760 foomatic/hpijs as the driver, then I can get the 6180 to work on the ethernet and my LINUX RedHat EL5 operating system.

HP provided ZERO support in this effort.  They only kept telling me that the printer is not LINUX supported.... they weren't aware that this workaround existed.

Still, the printer is supposted to be 4800x1200 dpi, and the 7760 driver seems to only support 1200x1200 dpi -- so if someone has a real 6180 driver, let me know.

Nick Stamatakos

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