[cups.development] Driver for HP Photosmart 6180 for LINUX RedHat EL5

Matt Anderson mra at hp.com
Mon Aug 6 10:18:16 PDT 2007

Nick Stamatakos wrote:
>> Does anybody know of a driver for LINUX RedHat EL5 that will work with the HP Photosmart 6180?  We have an ethernet network connection.  I can see the printer status (available ink, etc, via the web ipp address -- but can't find a driver for in vis CUPS.
>> Thanks
>> Nick Stamatakos
> I played around with CUPS, and found that if I choose
> APPSOCKET/HP Jet Direct  AND  HP Photosmart 7760 foomatic/hpijs as the driver, then I can get the 6180 to work on the ethernet and my LINUX RedHat EL5 operating system.
> HP provided ZERO support in this effort.  They only kept telling me that the printer is not LINUX supported.... they weren't aware that this workaround existed.
> Still, the printer is supposted to be 4800x1200 dpi, and the 7760 driver seems to only support 1200x1200 dpi -- so if someone has a real 6180 driver, let me know.

Hi Nick,

Sorry to hear your having so much trouble.  You might want to try the
hplip mailing list over on sourceforge: http://hplip.sourceforge.net/
I don't have access to a 6180, but on the hplip-help list people are
reporting success with hplip version 2.7.6.


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