[RFE] STR #2261: extend API to add streamingprint function cupsPrintStream

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Sat Aug 11 00:21:19 PDT 2007

mike wrote:
>> currently, cupsPrintFile() is the only method of submitting a print job via
>> the convenience functions provided by the API.  cupsPrintFile() expects to
>> be given the name of the file, then cupsPrintFile() opens and reads the
>> file.
>> a streaming version of this function utilizing chunked transfer encoding
>> would be a universally welcome addition to the API.
>> attached is a patch against cups-1.2 svn as of 2006-02-23 implementing
>> cupsPrintStream(), just such a streaming print function.
> regarding STR #2261: was wondering when this feature might be pushed to the active development branch.  it appears to be very much stable in my version of cups-1.2.  i understand that cups-1.2 is not being actively developed anymore (which rather stinks for me, as i really need this feature).
> if i need to recreate the patch against 1.3, please let me know.  i'd be happy to do so.  i've done all the leg work here.  it's not a particularly intrusive patch, so i don't see any reason for it not to be pushed to trunk.

The issue is that your proposed API doesn't fit with what we had
talked about, and at some point (probably for 1.4) we'll introduce
a streaming API.

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