[cups.development] Looking for implementation to USB kiosk printer

Jouni Tuovinen jouni.tuovinen at bevesys.fi
Thu Aug 23 22:49:15 PDT 2007


I'm trying to implement USB kiosk printer (Swecoin TTP 2030) to our 
system (written in Java and C). I have faced problems with status 
queries because the driver what I got from Swecoin doesn't support 
status monitoring, below release notes from the driver:
    "There is no status monitoring support in this driver. CUPS v1.2, 
released earlier in 2006, promised support for backchannel data which 
would enable     status monitoring. However, we discovered that it did 
not work. This bug has been reported to the CUPS developers and will be 
fixed later. Swecoin's     driver will include status monitoring support 
when CUPS releases a version with working backchannel support."

Is this problem already solved or under process? Is there easy way 
implemented status query by self to cups driver?

What would be the best solution for API between our systemn (Java or C) 
and CUPS? Implement functions with C or use Java's own printing methods? 
What is you proposals?

Thank you for answers.

-Jouni Tuovinen


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