cupsddk 1.2-current failed to compile

Dmitry Sharov dsharov at
Fri Oct 5 02:05:39 PDT 2007


cupsddk 1.2-current, taken from the trunk, failed to compile.
Should I post an str to cupsddk for this?

make distclean

Produce the following output:
Creating libppdc.a...
a - ppdc-array.o
a - ppdc-attr.o
a - ppdc-catalog.o
a - ppdc-choice.o
a - ppdc-constraint.o
a - ppdc-driver.o
a - ppdc-file.o
a - ppdc-filter.o
a - ppdc-font.o
a - ppdc-group.o
a - ppdc-import.o
a - ppdc-mediasize.o
a - ppdc-message.o
a - ppdc-option.o
a - ppdc-profile.o
a - ppdc-shared.o
a - ppdc-source.o
a - ppdc-string.o
a - ppdc-variable.o
Compiling drv.cxx...
Linking drv...
Compiling ppdc.cxx...
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `foo-fr.po', needed by `ppdc-static'.  Stop.
make: *** [all] Error 1

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