[cups.development] XHTML Print format

Claudio Takahasi cktakahasi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 12:03:20 PDT 2007

Hi folks,

this is my first experience with the CUPS API, so... sorry if I am
posting something that makes no sense.

How can I print a XHTML-Print document? My objective is receive a
document from Nokia phones(N95, N81, ...or any other Bluetooth Basic
Printing Profile enabled device) and print it through cups. I already
developed the desktop code(BPP server) to receive the document from
the phone, but now I don't know how to send this document format to
cups. Any suggestion?

The received XHTML contains a formatted SMS/image/text, what should be
the procedure to print this document? Is it possible print it
directly? Convert it to postscript?

Claudio Takahasi
Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - INdT

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