[cups.development] Pseudo duplex mode for several printers

Aurélien Croc aurelien at ap2c.com
Thu Oct 18 11:56:33 PDT 2007

I'm the main developer of the SpliX CUPS driver (driver for QPDL  
printers (Samsung, Xerox, Dell, Ricoh) and i'm working on the "pseudo  
duplex" mode which is available in several samsung printers.
This pseudo duplex mode prints the even inversed pages, waits the  
user get the printed sheets, puts them in the printer and press a  
button, then prints the odd pages.
Unfortunatly, this options needs that the document struct must be  
"altered": the inverted even pages must be placed before the odd pages..
Finally the driver needs to know where is the first odd page to  
change several bytes sent to the printer (to specify to the printer  
that the next pages are odd pages).

So, i'm wondering how CUPS can help my driver by giving to it pages  
in this special order (and rotation) ?
Is it a way to do that? Is it "impossible"?


M. Aurélien Croc
Projet AP²C - http://www.ap2c.org
Clef Publique : http://www.ap2c.org/aurelien.gpg

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