[cups.development] SpliX and contrast

Helge Blischke h.blischke at srz.de
Fri Oct 19 06:56:02 PDT 2007

Aurélien Croc wrote:
> I still sent a such mail in the past but i didn't get any answers.
> Some splix users told me they had a high contrast in the printed  sheets 
> (in particular when they print their photos).
> Since rastertospl2 is just a compression algorithm which takes a CMYK  
> bitmap and compress it with a loseless algorithm, i think the problem  
> comes from the PS to CMYK bitmap conversion (which seems to be done  by 
> ghostscript).
> So my question is: how can we adjust that contrast which is too high  
> for a better contrast?
> Till answered to me that it was the ghostscript. So i contact them  but 
> they didn't "understood" that rastertospl2 doesn't interact  directly 
> with ghostscript but via the ps2raster... They wanted i give  to them 
> the exact command line which is used and try different  parameters..
> Last but not least, i think splix is not the only filter which do  that 
> sort of job so if i have that trouble, maybe that trouble is a  common 
> trouble and you have answers?
> Regards,
> -- 
> M. Aurélien Croc
> Projet AP²C - http://www.ap2c.org
> Clef Publique : http://www.ap2c.org/aurelien.gpg

As far as Ghostscript is concerned in this environment, I'd suggest
to upgrade to Ghostscript 8.60, which has the ESP-GS branch merged in
and - AFAIK - is able to deal with color profiles.


Helge Blischke

H.Blischke at acm.org

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