cupsDoAuthentication & arcfour-hmac-md5

JM TETU jm.tetu at
Tue Oct 23 07:50:04 PDT 2007


I had a problem with authentication with a windows 2003 R2 as KDC.
I use as encryption arcfour-hmac-md5.

I think that the problem is in cups-1.3.3/cups/auth.c, in the function  cupsDoAuthentication.

The size of buffer "encode" for encoded 64 string is too small! I try with encode[4096].

And it's working :)

for the client:

>./lp -h cupsserver -d test2 /etc/passwd

Longueur Digest 1563

Longueur Digest Encode 2084

request id is test2-74 (1 file(s))


2084 is the size result of httpEncode64_2()!
Too biger for the initial 2048 bytes of "encode"

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