CUPS set to Stop Jobs in Mac OS X

Barry K zod123 at
Mon Oct 29 13:36:54 PDT 2007

OS 10.4.10
CUPS 1.1.12

A school lab I administrate has several large format Epson printers. I would like to use an older G4 legacy box to serve as a Queue Manager / front end. Each printer would be connected via firewire or usb & shared via Printer Sharing. Not sure what the correct name is, but we need the queue manager to show which job is next for each printer, _but to pause by default before/after any job is to be printed_.

My conception of how this would work, for example, is that a user would send a print job from another image processing station. The printer front end wkstn would show the job spooled in the printer window, let's say a "Stylus Pro 4000 (FW:Maximum)". The print job would  appear in the queue window for that printer, but stopped or paused. The user must walk over to the the print station & release the job by clicking on 'resume.' After that job has printed, the next print job must be manually resumed.

Conceivably there could be several jobs in the queue. The script you sent kinda works that way, but I prefer to have the student be able to access _only_ those print queue windows to resume/start a printer job or to delete it.

How can I do this? Is there a script someone might be able to offer?

Thanks,  -Barry

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