Printing is slowly after CUPS upgrade

Myroslav Rozum mrozum at
Fri Jan 18 07:46:43 PST 2008


We've noticed that after upgrade of CUPS from cups-1.1.14 to cups-1.3.5
we have a problem with it's performance:
With CUPS 1.1.2 it took 20 seconds to print 10 pages, and now it takes about 60 seconds for the same.

I thought it was related to th bug:

But 1.3.5 contains the patch proposed in that solution.

Does anyone has any idea?

PS- 1.1.14 was from RHEL distribution and 1.3.5 was built manually:
./configure --prefix=/opt/cups --with-rcdir=/opt/cups/etc/init.d/ --enable-threads

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