Jobs held using print via http

Adam O'Neill adam.oneill at
Tue Jan 22 13:27:00 PST 2008


I have an educational client who is using a Windows 2003 AD print server. There is a requirement for users to print via http to this server providing an AD username and password for authentication.

In OSX 10.4 the queue would be set up on each Mac as


the ppd provided and everything would print nicely with usage recorded by the provided AD username and password rather then the local osx account.

On release of OSX 10.5 the same set up causes held jobs. A user will print, the job will be printed however the job will be held in the queue and the queue paused. This issue also appears in the latest distro's from Ubuntu etc.

I thought I'd post here to see if this was a known issue or a config change is required as a quick search of the forums found nothing.

Let me know what info I can provide to assist.

Many Many Thanks,

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