Printer URI getting corrupted

Joe Julian joe at
Thu Jan 31 10:07:36 PST 2008

> Joe Julian wrote:
> > I have a client with over 100 printers configured. Once every couple of days, one of the DeviceURI's gets changed. It's commonly some text notification, but not always the same text. This URI gets written to printers.conf as well.
> >
> > I'm not really sure what the next step should be to diagnose where this change is coming from.
> Well, for us to help we'll at least need to know what version of
> CUPS you are using, what operating system/linux distribution you are
> using, and *how* you've configured the client.  It may also be useful
> to know what software you are using on the client and where you are
> seeing this text notification.

Thanks for your reply. Cups version (currently) is 1.2.12-6 from the fedora core 6 rpm (on FC6 of course). I've tried compiling my own 1.2.9 through 1.2.11 with the same results.

The client is also cups version 1.2.12-4 from fc6 (on another fc6 box) which is printing using lp.

We examine the Device URI when the printer stops printing using the web interface and it shows varying text within the text field, ie. "notify-events-supported", "Oficioll", and according the the manager it once had "2 diamonds with ? in it".

If we examine the printers.conf, it will show that text in the DeviceURI field for that printer.

We can correct it by either replacing the printers.conf with an undamaged one and restarting cups, or editing the Device URI in the web interface. Either method fixes the problem for a seemingly random amount of time.

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