Interested in writing a cups driver...

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Sep 5 19:42:34 PDT 2008

Collin Day wrote:
> ...
> Thanks again.  One last question - are there any examples of how to
> write filters?

The CUPS book has examples (available on the site), and
you can look at Gutenprint, the DDK drivers, the sample drivers in
the CUPS sources, etc.

> Also, is PCL5
> backward compatible with PCL3GUI in some way?  I can't find any
> pcl3gui doc's, just a brief mention in the DDK docs that hp-pcl may
> support some of the commands.

PCL3GUI shares some of the heritage of PCL5, however the raster setup
and compression modes are different.  Looking at the HPLIP sources
will provide some hints for your particular printer (and it *is*
highly printer specific...)

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