[cups.bugs] [LOW] STR #2938: lpadmin -d and -x options not documented in the man page

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Sat Sep 6 15:28:02 PDT 2008

[STR Closed w/o Resolution]

>From the man page:

       The first form of the command (-d) sets the default printer or
class to
       destination.   Subsequent  print jobs submitted via the lp(1) or
       commands will use this destination unless the user specifies 
       with the lpoptions(1) command.

       The  second form of the command (-p) configures the named printer. 
       additional options are described below.

       The third form of the command (-x) deletes the printer or class 
       nation.  Any  jobs that are pending for the destination will be
       and any job that is currently printed will be aborted.

Link: http://www.cups.org/str.php?L2938
Version: 1.3.8
Fix Version: None

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