What is the effect of the ModelLine parameter?

Collin Day dcday137 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 17:25:08 PDT 2008

Hi -

So, I decided to try the sample HP-PCL driver directly on my printer, and it worked.  I started playing around and found the following:

The following:
#include <font.defs>
#include <media.defs>
#include <raster.defs>
#include <pcl.h>

DriverType pcl


Font *
Manufacturer "HP"
Version "1.0"

HWMargins 18 12 18 12
*MediaSize Letter

ColorModel Gray k chunky 3

// Supported input slots
*InputSlot 7 "Auto/Automatic Selection"
InputSlot 2 "Manual/Tray 1 - Manual Feed"
InputSlot 4 "Upper/Tray 1"
InputSlot 1 "Lower/Tray 2"
InputSlot 5 "LargeCapacity/Tray 3"

// Supported resolutions
*Resolution - 8 0 0 0 "600dpi/600 DPI"

Throughput 10
ModelName "HP PhotoSmart Pro B8850"
PCFileName "hp-b8850-test.ppd"

does not work, but if I replace the ModelNumber line with:


it works fine.

Can anyone tell me how this line affects the software?  I am going to compare the generated PPDs, but I am guessing just the model number will be different.  Thanks!

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