Failure to Print Multiple Copiee with Raw Option

Don Badrak dbadrak at
Sat Sep 13 04:14:22 PDT 2008

> OK, the way you are using this isn't supported - the printers may
> take a PDF directly, but they need PJL commands to allow printing of
> multiple PDFs in one connection.

How can we send PJL when doing a RAW job?  Do we need to create a queue with no PPD?  We still want to print a a job that isn't PDF through the PostScript drivers (and all the other controls gained from the PPD).  But we need the already formatted PDF to go direct to the plotter.

> We have to keep a single connection to prevent other jobs from being
> interleaved when doing multiple copies (that was a bug in the 1.1.x
> versions of the CUPS socket backend...)

Ok, that makes sense.

> I think using LPD instead of socket will allow you to get multiple
> copies with those HP printers.  Similarly, IPP will break the copies
> into multiple logical jobs for the printer, but HP's IPP support is
> not the best...

LPD doesn't work.  I tried that too.  The data is sent multiple times.  I can't tell from the LPD data if it says how many copies, but if it does, the plotter wasn't honoring it.

IPP I was going to try next.  But, er, it isn't available on these particular plotters.  I was surprised since IPP is available on almost all our other new HP printers.


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