Failure to Print Multiple Copiee with Raw Option

Don Badrak dbadrak at
Tue Sep 16 05:14:37 PDT 2008

> Don Badrak wrote:
> > ...
> > I am a bit confused on this help section. Is the second number the
> > number of copies or the number of pages?
> OK, there are two ways to specify page counts.  The first (and most
> common) form is used to incrementally update the page count for a job.
> It uses PAGE: messages of the form:
>      PAGE: $pagenumber $copies

This is the form I see throughout my logs, but since they're all one pagers, I guess I can't tell the difference :-).

> The second form (which is what I had you use since you are printing
> everything at once) is:
>      PAGE: total $pages

Great. Thanks for the clarification.


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