[cups.bugs] BrowseShortNames fails when system starts without ypbind

Carl Mason --- Director Demography Lab carlm at demog.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 18 07:30:44 PDT 2008

If a machine that uses NIS boots or cups restarts when ypbind is not bound 
to a server, the list of remote printers comes up as

printer at

where is the ipaddress of the linux machine that servers the 
printers.  In other words cups comes up as though BrowseShortNames is set 
to off.

fixing the ypbind problem and restarting cups does NOT resolve the problem 
--at least not right away.  stopping cups; removing 
/var/cache/cups/remote.cache  ; and restarting cups

does solve the problem.

perhaps the /etc/init.d/cups  script might be made to delete remote.cache 
on (re)start ?

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