EPSON ECP500 USB Mini Thermal Printer PPD

sadasivappa sadasivappa at
Sat Sep 20 03:45:29 PDT 2008

HI friends

My system information:
Cups version: 1.2.10

Device information:
EPSON ECP500 USB Mini Thermal Printer

1)I am currently working on Linux PPD drivers For EPSON ECP500 USB Mini Thermal Printer PPD driver. I used the CUPS DDK for getting the PPD with Device information filing as mydriver.drv ( derived from windows part for the same device). but this PPD generated is using filters rastertoescpx and commandtoescpx which are not available with cups-1.12.10 version.So i am not able to configure the same.

2) Then i ugraded my cups version to cups-1.4svn-r7939. and able to configure the ppd well but when i try to print some file its failing. In error_log i am getting the messages..

something like as below
rastertoescpx and commandtoescpx exited with signal 11..
jobs to thermal (printer name)..
printing.....1%--- 100%
device thermal is not connected
retry in next :30 seconds..

1)my query is that I want to know how exactly i can upgrade my CUPS with out any bugs from cups-1.2.10 to cups-1.4svn-r7939.

2)After modifying and deleting som files in /etc/cups, i lost my cupsdconf to reinstall this...

Thanks & Regards

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