Braille printers for CUPS

Juan Ramón Jiménez García jjig99 at
Tue Sep 23 00:36:10 PDT 2008

Hi all,

   My name is Juan Ramon, and i am working in a project to develop some
drivers for Braille printers in Linux. I started with this project last
year (perhaps Till remember me because he helped me some times) but due
to some problems with my e-mail and because of we had another projects
to develop, this one get stopped. Now i am picking everything we made
last year and i am trying to finish it, but i need some help: I know
quite a bit of my braille printers, but I do not have too much
experience developing drivers in CUPS. I need to know if i am taken the
right steps in order to get a Braille printer working in Linux with

   We have 4 braille printers. Last year i made 4 ppd files and a binary
program that sent the escapes sequences to the printer and i get print
some documents correctly, but i am reading now a lot of documentation of
CUPS and i don't know if i have to make a drv file, a filter, a
backend, ... i am so confused in order to take the right way. Also i
feel that if we want to include this kind of printers in CUPS, perhaps
some special constants and variable should be included in CUPS DDK. 

  Well, if anybody in the list thinks that he can help me, i can send
the 'special' features of my braille printers and we can try to
integrate it in CUPS. I think that the hard work is already made. I
think we just need to put the all the puzzle's pieces together. 

   Thanks in advance
   Juan Ramón

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