[cups.bugs] [BUG] cannot set JobRetryInterval in cups-1.3.9

Michael R Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Feb 4 13:20:42 PST 2009

Jeff Chua wrote:
> Michael,
> I think I've tracked down the problem. It seems there's a 10 seconds
> wait injected into the select() code in schedule/main.c that's causing
> cupsd to sleep for an additional 10 seconds even if there's active job
> to retry.
> So, if the interval is 3 seconds, it'll attempt to make it 13 seconds
> before retries.
> Here's a patch to fix the problem. This will make the retries at
> "closer" to the interval specified.

Um, your patch will do bad things for performance and power management
(not sleeping as much).  Better to just look for held jobs and set the
select timeout accordingly.

Will look into it some more...

Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

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