How do I get page-set added into a PPD file?

Brett Ussher breusshe at
Fri Feb 13 15:35:39 PST 2009

> > Brett Ussher wrote:
> > > Trying to extend the PPD for my printer.  I found a nice little lp option called "page-set" that does what I need.  I'm trying to add Manual Duplexing to my PPD file so I can just create two queues:
> >  > ...
> >
> > page-set is a standard printer option that should be provided by any
> > print dialog; adding it to the PPD file generally is a bad idea since
> > you can end up with *two* page-set options being set.
> >
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> > Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer
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> Thank you, Michael.  I understand the risk you stated and appreciate your concern.  However, this is only for my use, I'm not proposing that Brother should add it to their PPD.  I'm just sick of having to select this within every application I use (which varies on how to activate it) before I print a job.  It is just much easier for me to have two print queues, one for even pages and the other for odd pages.  Then I wouldn't have to select it when any of my apps.  I do realize that I might come across some thing that *might* do the page-set of its own volition, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
> Thanks!

Alternatively, though, is there another method that would have the same results without using the page-set command itself?

Thanks again!

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