cups print to wrong queue

Tamas Bagyal keef at
Wed Feb 18 02:30:42 PST 2009



We have a CUPS server with 200+ queue (with lpd/socket/smb backend) on linux, debian etch + cups 1.3.8-1lenny4.1. Another cups server (on AIX 5.3ml8 with locally compiled version 1.3.7) polling the queues from the linux server. We haven't any class definition.


sometimes happened (in my oppinion when too many print request arrives at same time from aix) the print job directed to wrong print queue. _But_. In the log files looks like everything ok (the job/backend shows the right print queue), and not seeing this job in the job list of wrong print queue.

There is any solution? Or someone heard/saw similar problem?



ps.: sorry for my bad enlgish :)

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