IPP from windows fails with native drivers onnon-raw queue

Kyle Schmitt kschmitt at tootsie-roll.com
Wed Feb 18 07:31:02 PST 2009

> > When using vendor drivers, you either a) need to use a raw queue or
> > b) add a local.types file that adds additional matching rules for
> > application/vnd.cups-raw.
> > Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer
> But this works with native drivers on a non-raw queue via SMB.  Wouldn't that indicate that local.types has enough rules to handle it?
> --Kyle

If I snag the raw output from the server, the the first thing in the file is a long list of PJL commands.  The very last one is:

Wouldn't that be matched by the standard mime.types rule:
application/vnd.cups-raw        (string(0,<1B>E) + !string(2,<1B>%0B)) \
                                string(0,<1B>@) \
                                (contains(0,128,<1B>%-12345X) + \
                                 (contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE=PCL") \
                                  contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE = PCL")))

Mind you, I'm not terribly familiar with the rules for creating the rules, so that may be the cause of confusion.


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