IPP from windows fails with nativedrivers onnon-rawqueue

Kyle Schmitt kschmitt at tootsie-roll.com
Wed Feb 18 14:47:56 PST 2009

> >> It would need to appear in the first 1k of the file.  You can increase
> >> the "1024" to "4096" to catch more...
> >
> > That did it.  Other than the fact that LANGUAGE=PCL would _normally_ be in the first 1k (characters I'm assuming), is there a reason for keeping the range that small?
> Mainly performance in the default configuration.  If we don't have
> to read the first 4k of every print file we save on IO...
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> Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

Considering the power of even a modest modern box, couldn't it be argued that it's a trivial savings?  Especially when it would allow more printers to work in raw mode via IPP.  Just a thought.

I bumped it up to 4k in mime.types on my main print server, and there seems to be no noticeable load difference.  The server in question is neither beefy, nor under a small load.  It's a VM running CentOS 5.2, CUPS 1.2.x, with 70 printers, and a daily average of just under 3000 print jobs.  Admittedly about one third of those print jobs are barcodes.


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