Mac Landscape mode, the future of cups?

Jim Deas jim.deas at
Fri Feb 20 12:11:00 PST 2009

> Jim Deas wrote:

> > Please, no flames.
> > ...
> Then don't post comments like that?

> Moreover, we've been asked by the Linux vendors to stop shipping our
> modified version of Xpdf so they can standardize on a single PDF
> engine (poppler seems to be the favorite), so rewriting our Xpdf-
> based code has not been an acceptable solution.
> I'm currently looking at wrapping the local pdf-to-postscript filter
> and pstops so that we allow that filter to handle the auto-rotation
> of output and not pass landscape or orientation-requested to the
> pstops filter.  That *may* fix things, but like all workarounds I
> don't know yet whether it will fix all things.
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> Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer
It may be a provocative statement but from the outside looking in it seems accurate. Apple bought into Cups, current OS X release software defaults to Bonjour only, bug never addressed.
Don't get me wrong. I want to use my Linux servers and Cups to support all my desktops but I can't wait for Cups and Xpdf to play nice for the vendors.
Is there a patch those of us in the Mac community can use now on our Linux print servers to fix the landscape mode? I saw several threads on this but no clear answer. I have no problem replacing Xpdf for a purpose built print server.

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