[cups.bugs] Conflict between number of copies and collate=true option?

Michael R Sweet msweet at apple.com
Mon Feb 23 13:09:57 PST 2009

soma chaganti wrote:
> Looks like there is conflict between two options
> If I simply use option  -n 3, I am getting 3 copies of the document but they are not collated.
> Now if I combine -o collate=true, it is only printing 1 copy
> Did anyone come across this? or I am missing something?

You haven't provided the version of CUPS you are using, the operating
system, or the driver/PPD.

For printers that support collation in hardware, we just pass the
command through.  However, some PPDs list hardware Collate when the
printer does not actually provide the memory or disk space to support

Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

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