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Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Feb 24 07:32:33 PST 2009

John Seth wrote:
> Hello! :)
> I'm developing a C program that will manage user quotas. I've been stuck with this problem on the past days and as easy as it appears to be, I couldn't manage to resolve it nor finding any information on google or here.
> All the jobs on the queue stay on hold for default and I'm trying to 'unpause' the job. How can I do that?
> I've tried cupsPrintJob but it adds other helded job on the queue. I've been trying to see how I can change the job IPP_STATE but I couldn't find the answer.
> I suppose it should be really easy. How can I do it?

Well, for an IPP request you need to use the IPP_RELEASE_JOB operation
with the printer URI and job ID - look at the cupsCancelJob code in
libcups for an example.

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