[cups.development] Facing error 'Request from "localhost" using invalid Host : field "/private/var/run/cupsd"' after applying Mac security update 2009-001 on Mac OS 10.5

Mangesh Kute kutemangesh at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 06:50:28 PST 2009

 Hi All,

<<Sorry for resending it. But resending this as subject line was
messed up for previous mail>>

We provide print client "iPrint" on Mac using CUPS API, to work with
Novell iPrint server.

We connect to local CUPS server by giving host name as
"/private/var/run/cupsd"(value returned by cupsServer()). After
connecting successfully when we send any request on this connection,
it returns an error "HTTP_BAD_REQUEST". In CUPS error log, we are
seeing error 'Request from "localhost" using invalid Host : field

Does anyone have any idea on the reason for error ?

We are seeing this error after applying "Mac Security Update 2009-001'
on Mac OS10.5. But if we install Mac combo update 10.5.6, we are not
seeing this error and communication goes fine with local cups server.

Is "CUPS 1.3.8" provided on Mac OS X 10.5  customized for MAC and is
it different from source code available at
http://svn.easysw.com/public/cups/tags/release-1.3.8/  (I am not able
to locate above error in this source code) ?  From where can I get
source code for "CUPS 1.3.8" provided on Mac OS X 10.5 ?



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