[cups.general] Printer classes and Windows

Helge Blischke H.Blischke at srz-berlin.de
Tue Jul 20 07:10:27 PDT 2004

Anthony Chavez wrote:
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> Fellow cups-lovers:
> I've set up a printer class and would like my Windows (2k|NT|98) clients
> to use it.  I've configured all of these clients to use IPP (via the
> Internet Printing update for Win98 and ShinePrint for NT).
> In this class are two distinctly different printers: an HP DeskJet 1220C
> and a Toshiba e-Studio28.  Both are configured in CUPS as raw devices
> and PostScript printers (Toshiba has native PS support, whereas the HP
> uses GIMP-Print).
> I've currently got the class set up to use the PostScript devices, with
> Adobe's drivers installed on the client machines.  This works great
> except Ghostscript renders pages quite slowly.  So I'm interested in
> using class that will print to the raw devices instead.
> However, when I try to configure the clients, I get prompted to install
> a driver (as you would expect), but I'm not sure what to tell it, since
> the class is heterogeneous.
> Where do I go from here?  I'd prefer to use IPP over SMB if at all
> possible.

I guess you'd make a .inf file and use a PPD that reflects the
common properties of both of your printers.


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