[cups.general] Re: Need help - cups.general forum gets too few responses

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Tue Jul 27 10:37:38 PDT 2004

Mike Dougherty wrote:
> First i want to thank you for having your email address available at 
> http://www.linuxprinting.org/till/ and any direction you can give me.
> I've posted two requests for help on cups.general
> http://www.cups.org/newsgroups.php?s2521+gcups.general+Gcups+v2522  and
> http://www.cups.org/newsgroups.php?s2621+gcups.general+Gcups+v2624
> in the first (and only?) reply 
> (http://www.cups.org/newsgroups.php?s2523+gcups.general+Gcups+v2532)
> i was told to write a backend wrapper and figure it out from www.cups.org
> IMO, www.cups.org is next to impossible to navigate with any success 
> (wandering around may be fun for some, but getting the job done is a 
> higher priority)
> What I essentially want to accomplish is to have a Cups printer that 
> will translate a character string in the input stream to the escape code 
> (0x1B) in the output.
> If we don't have a solution soon, we will be forced to abandon Crystal 
> and probably will also abandon the CUPS print server solution.

www.cups.org was not a very good hint for documentation about writing 
filters and backends, look at


and there especially at


This documentation is for the currently newest released version. Your 
actually instell has built-in documentation on


and the Software programmers manual at



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