Some jobs seem to get stuck

hartmann at hartmann at
Fri Jul 16 10:09:30 PDT 2004

I've searched the web for an answer to my question, but unfortunatly couldn't find anything useful.
We are using a HP4000T on a debian machine. It is used via samba and raw mode in order to use the pcl6 driver on the windows client machines. Version of cups is 1.1.20 (selfcompiled).
This configuration works quite good, but during the last few days some of the users have printed a lot of pdf files only containing scanned pictures. Some of those print jobs get randomly stuck; it prints maybe two pages ore more and then stops although there are much more to do. There seems to be no data in the printer memory because just deleting the job in cups solves the problem.
I have a file, with which I can reproduce the problem, but it gets stuck at different pages everytime I try. Log files with debug enabled do not show any errors.
Has anybody come across the same problem, or which info can I provide furthermore to help tracking down tha problem?

Thx in advance

Falko Hartmann

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