CUPS server is hung...

angelb at angelb at
Thu Jul 8 12:46:19 PDT 2004

We're starting to have problems with CUPS.

Yesterday aftenoon, the CUPS server hang. If you try to access the
server via web interface and try to list job history, the session
will hung. And if you try to do an lpstat -a from the CLI, your
session will hung.

Today, the server hangs three times already and it seems to happen
when someone is trying to add or modify a printer via web interface.
But that is a normal activity and we do changes everyday. I set the
server to debug2 but the messages appears to be normal and no error
message is being reported in there a particular message
I should be looking at?

We're running CUPS 1.1.17 on RHEL 3.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?


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