Cups stopped printing

hdominguez at hdominguez at
Thu Jul 22 12:17:00 PDT 2004


Recently I have had trouble with cups printing. I can't say for
sure what changes I applied to my system to caused it. but I am
pretty sure the only thing I applied have been Redhat updates.
When I try to print I get:

lpr: unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable

Any printer related utility, lpstat, lpinof, etc, comes up with the same error message. GUI utilities do not detect my printer even though it is listed in the queue and entered in /etc/printcap. I am prompted to add
a new printer, which I have several times. When I use my browser on
port 631, not printers are listed nor can I add one--at the device
configuration there are none listed. What I have done:

Restarted cups
ps to make sure it was running
Reinstalled all cups packages
Googled problem but found no answers(many wondering souls about this)
Enabled CUPS debug mode, intresting log entries below:
Possible DoS attack - more than 10 clients connecting from!
Scheduler shutting down due to SIGTERM ( without any intervention by me)
Localhost allowed all services in hosts.allow

Any ideas are much appreciated.


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