cupsd: Child exited with status 98!

Anonymous anonymous at
Mon Jul 5 09:01:42 PDT 2004

Cups error_log:

I [05/Jul/2004:10:19:17 -0400] Full reload complete.
D [05/Jul/2004:10:19:17 -0400] StartListening: NumListeners=2
D [05/Jul/2004:10:19:17 -0400] StartListening: address=00000000 port=631
D [05/Jul/2004:10:19:17 -0400] StartListening: address=00000000 port=631
E [05/Jul/2004:10:19:17 -0400] StartListening: Unable to bind socket - Address
already in use.


<notice>start services (nfsboot)
Starting nfsboot (sm-notify) done
<notice>exit status of (nfsboot) is (0)

<notice>start services (cups)
Starting cupsd<notice>startproc: execve (/usr/sbin/cupsd) [ /usr/sbin/cupsd ],
[ CONSOLE=/dev/console TERM=linux SHELL=/bin/sh progress=41
INIT_VERSION=sysvinit-2.85 REDIRECT=/dev/tty1 COLUMNS=147
PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin vga=0x31a RUNLEVEL=5 PWD=/
PREVLEVEL=N LINES=55 SHLVL=2 splash=silent sscripts=47 _=/sbin/startproc
DAEMON=/usr/sbin/cupsd ]
<notice>exit status of (cups) is (0)

I started getting this error after I changed the default printer from local to
printserver box thru yast2/hardware/printer gui setup.

In the forum it says tant nfs or rquotad may be using the same socket 631.

I could not find rquotod anywhere. I see nfs is starting before cups in
I found nfs was always starting before cups when everything was working ok
(before yast2 change).

Where and how  do i change the sequence of nfs and cups starting?

Where to find rquotad?

I have spent 4 days in cups and finding it diffcult to define a local lj hp 6p
and another same model printer attached to asante cable router printer port (in
RH and	w2k it workes by defining as lpr and q as lp).

Running SuSe 9.1 pro and upto date on patches.

Thanks for helping a newbie.
I have to fix this problem to keep my spirit (in CUPS) up!

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