[cups.general] Bypassing CUPS With Script

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Hi Dave !!

I dont think your question is lucid enough for me to be able to provide you
with a useful response. But I will try anyway... 

You dont want to pass the postscript file through CUPS...  ?? your file
would pass through CUPS only if you want to print the file. So, if you
intend to process the file, dont pass it to the printing system at all. 

I dont know what "Evolution" is.. so .. I could not think of anything else..
that would make more sense to you.

- S u d e e p    V
Unless you jump from the frying pan to the fire, all you get is a raw deal. 

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I hope that someone can help me.  We have a need to bypass CUPs completely
and process the postscript file generated by our applications (Evolution in
this case) via ksh script.  The data will then be passed to another server
and run from there.

I don't see anywhere to bypass CUPS in this manner.  All of the GUI
frontends require that you select a port or remote LPR/JetDirect host and in
our case this isn't applicable.

If anyone has an idea for how to proceed, it would be appreciated.

I simply need to shell, and have the data piped and I can do the rest.

Dave Richards
flbeachlf at yahoo.com
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