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Mac Mason mac at cs.hmc.edu
Wed Jul 28 17:54:29 PDT 2004

In case it's helpful, the test page also has margins issues.
Specifically, the top line of the black box that surrounds the whole
printout is missing, and the left one is smack-dab up against the side
of the printer. It's almost as if the page has been shifted to the left and up
further than it should have been.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 03:17:52PM -0700, Mac Mason wrote:
> So, a re-install from scratch has successfully fixed my duplexing
> problem.
> However, an earlier issue, with a Xerox 5400 having margines of exactly
> 0 (when printing text files, the test page, etc) has not resolved
> itself. When I asked this question before, it was suggested that I use
> lpadmin -o page-left=X -o page-right=X, and (as I recall) that fixed it
> before; however, it has not fixed it this time.
> Is there anywhere I can hard-configure these values?
> On a related note, will these changes automatically propogate to
> machines that are getting these printers via broadcast? I'm not too up
> on how, exactly, that works.
> Thanks!
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