[cups.general] local filtering for remote unknown mime types

Hermann Lauer hermann.lauer at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Jul 15 06:03:31 PDT 2004

Dear list members,

while trying to print from Mac OSX 10.3 to a CUPS 1.1.20 server
(solaris machine) I stumbled over the following question:

If the mime type application/pdf is disabled on the solaris server
any pdf printed on the the MAC Client is rejected with a
document-format-not-supported by the solaris machine. The cupsd
on the mac received the available mime types of the solaris
machine correct, so

Why couldn't the local cupsd on the Mac filter the pdf to postcript
locally ? (which sould produce superior quality compared to the
xpdf conversion) 

I tried to search for such a solution, but up to now found no hint how
to enable such a feature in the local cupsd.
Please tell me if I overlooked something obvious.

The same thing seems to work for the "application/pictwps" case.

Thank for any help,


P.S: I know there are workarounds (like printing via the lpd protocol
    to the solaris cupsd), but as far as I know the ppd from the
    solaris cupsd won't be used

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