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Thu Jul 22 04:42:03 PDT 2004

rjgoyette at wrote:
> Here is a slightly harder question:  We are starting to use a lot of Xerox Phaser printers,
> but there is no Xerox entry under Make or Model.  Is there a way for me to add these myself,
> or has someone been keeping up with the new printers and ppds?

AFAIK, the Phaser printers (formerly by Tektronix) are native PostScript
Thus, go th the Xerox web xite, select the printer(s) you swant to use,
and look for
"driver downloads" or the like. If there are drivers for Linux offered,
use these,
otherwise use those for WinNT or higher. In the latter case, you'll
usually get an .exe file
containing an installation script. If you have a smart decompressor, you
may extract
the PPD(s) from there, otherwise run the installation and get the PPD
from the windows
spool system directory (don't remember the exact name now).


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