[cups.general] PCL drivers

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Thu Jul 29 09:39:56 PDT 2004

I'm still fighting with a bothering problem related to PCL printers. I've got 
a set of PCL printers (HP lj) connected to windows clients. From a server I'd 
like to print a PCL file via SMB, but even if I've configured the printer as 
PCL (with several drivers among those I've on my system), when I do something 
lpr -P hpclaudio file.pcl
the printer led blinks for a while, then it returns ready and nothing happens.
The following is a part of the pcl file I'm trying to print:


GAMMA DUE S.R.L.                   Programma di carico    29/07/2004                
pg.  1
^[(s3B^@Destinatario: GRUPPO CERAMICHE RICCHETTI S.P.A  Dest.:                                   

Any idea or thought?


Luca Ferrari,
fluca1978 at infinito.it

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