Error while reading trailing nul - No such file or directory

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Jul 6 05:34:35 PDT 2004

Helge Blischke wrote:
> Hertig Lukas wrote:
>>I can print from a w2k printserver to the linux printserver via cups-lpd. If
>>the spool file is larger than 2 GB I receive the following error:
>>Jul  6 10:45:56 pr01 cups-lpd[4091]: Receive print job for test
>>Jul  6 10:48:03 pr01 cups-lpd[4091]: Error while reading trailing nul - No
>>such file or directory
>>Jul  6 10:48:03 pr01 cups-lpd[4091]: Closing connection
>>I tried to print to a remote printserver (JetDirect) or to the local
>>Parallel Port
> It is because cupd-lpd thinks of integer numbes to be represented
> by 32 bit entities in two's complement notation. 
> I'm not sure how far CUPS supports "large files" (at least on 64-bit
> systems).

CUPS 1.1 doesn't support large files unless "long" is a 64-bit

CUPS 1.2 will shortly provide 64-bit support on all platforms that
support it.  The mechanism for doing this is a bit, um, hackish,
as you need to catch all usage of printf's and various other math
and make sure that the proper types, etc. are used with the
appropriate cross-platform code where necessary...

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