setting up a print server

Robert E A Harvey me at
Wed Jul 21 02:55:02 PDT 2004

rjgoyette at wrote:

> OK, I am a bit weary of modifying the printer definitions on fifty systems.  Is there a way I can set up a LINUX system to act as a print server using CUPS?  I mean, I only have to set up or change print queues on one system, and share those printers so that all other system srunning cups could use them?

Yes, that's what it's for.

Most cups installtions are servers and the client software connects to 
localhost.  You can make a client connect to some other machine by 
adding  a file named /etc/cups/client.conf containting:

ServerName <hostname of your server>
are all reasonable places to start.

If you use a modern distro you can probably do it all through the 
supplied GUIs - see YAST for instance.

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