input tray selection - pdftops vs. ghostscript

Bj�rn Pusch ld-development at
Wed Jul 28 06:40:54 PDT 2004

Michael Sweet wrote:

> How are you merging the resulting PS files?
We just cut off the %EOF and concatenate them.

> Since pdftops (as shipped in CUPS) does not send printer-specific
> commands, how are you adding the printer-specific commands to the
> final PS file?
Which printer-specific commands do you mean?
Input tray selection in the ps file occurs as follows (for each document):
%%BeginFeature: *InputSlot Optional

  currentpagedevice /InputAttributes get 5 get
  dup null eq
  { pop }
  { dup length 1 add dict copy
    dup /InputAttributes
    1 dict dup /Priority [5] put
    put setpagedevice
  } ifelse

We tried this with the 3.0 version of xpdf as well as the built-in pdftops of cups 1.1.19.

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