[cups.general] Windows Driver Question?

Helge Blischke H.Blischke at srz-berlin.de
Sat Jul 31 09:01:03 PDT 2004

C.Lee Taylor wrote:
> Greetings ...
>         I know everybody will ask first "How far are the new Windows Drivers
> for CUPS?", well, I asked.
>         But I'm really interested in if there might be a possibility of doing
> funky stuff with fonts.  Like I know there is the ability to do font
> substitution.  What I would like to know, if we could be able to tell
> Windows that the printer has a font, and have the remote CUPS server
> added the font to the end print job.
>         This would help by not sending the font over our WAN.
As for the Win side, you may configure the printer instance to use 
resident fonts (that the spooler software thinks are resident on the
This are the fonts listed in the fonts group in the PPD. So just add the
in question to this list and re-install the printer instance (how to do
is different for NT4, W2K and XP).
Be sure to select "optimize for portability" (or "page independence" or
the like)
to get DSC compliant PS output.

For inserting fonts to the print jobs on the CUPS side, see the
in the links section. 
If you don't trust the DSC comments, you may instead feed the jobs
through Ghostscript's
nullpage device (_without_ the "-q" switch!) to get a list of needed


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