[cups.general] Re: How to speed up cups

Dominik Fischer dom_fischer at web.de
Fri Jul 23 10:01:31 PDT 2004

Quoting Michael Sweet <mike at easysw.com>:
> Have you tuned the MaxJobs and FilterLimit settings?  The
> defaults do not limit the number of print jobs that are
> processed at the same time, which can bog a server down quite
> easily if you have a lot of non-PS printers.

We have PCL- and PS-Printers out there. I will check this.

> > Are there any experiences how many printqueues cups can handle (we
> > have round about 6000 printers out there)?
> We regularly test with 10k printers, and if you have an appropriately
> configured system (many processors and lots of RAM and disk) then
> things will work fairly well.
> What kind of server are you using?
2 x IBM xSeries 345: Dual Xeon 2.7GHZ CPUs (Hyperthreading), 2.5GB RAM,

> One place to look: LPD client configurations do not scale!  LPD
> support in CUPS is provided by an (x)inetd-spawned process for
> each connection, and each LPD mini-daemon has to open a local
> connection to the CUPS server (cupsd) to do its work.  While we
> will continue to tune the cups-lpd program, we do not recommend
> using LPD unless you absolutely have to...

I think that's it! The jobs are sent from our zSeries Mainframe to the
CUPS-Server! I will ask our mainframe-team, if there's a way to get away from

Dominik Fischer

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