pdf printing issues

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Jul 29 06:43:55 PDT 2004

Tim Huff wrote:
> i am trying to print/download some pdf files to a printer using the
> lp command. when i do a "lp -d printer filename.pdf", on the
> printer's rip there is no filename and the owner shows up as
> "xpdf/pdftops 2.02pl1." i am using gentoo linux with cups 1.1.20-r1
> to print the files.
> when i issue the same command on my mac (osx 10.3.4), i get the
> proper owner and file name down on the rip.
> any ideas how to get the owner and filename to show up properly on
> the gentoo box?

Sounds like the DSC comments that Xpdf is putting in the PS output
are not being taken from the PDF file.  Please file a RFE for this


That will allow us to track the issue and fix it in a future
release of CUPS.

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