[cups.general] CUPS can't find printer (sort of)

Doctorcam cam at ellisonet.ca
Wed Jul 21 13:59:51 PDT 2004

* Steven P. Ulrick (ulrick2 at faith4miracle.org) wrote:

> Hello, Cam :)
> I guess that your experience was not exactly the same as mine.  I had
> tried reinstalling the printer, and that worked fine.  But in my case
> (that's a key here: in my case) I found out that I did not need to
> reinstall the printer, I only needed to restart CUPS.  The printer was
> there in every configuration file that I looked at, it was just that
> nothing could see it.  I don't know why "/etc/init.d/cups restart" was a
> completely successful workaround 100% of the time, I just know that it
> worked.
> Also, let's say you are logged in, your system is running, and all
> appears well.  Your printer is recognized, and you know that it is
> functional.  Are you saying that your printer dissapears even if you
> don't logout and log back in? 

The printer does not disappear.  CUPS says that it cannot access
/dev/usb/lp0 (or whatever name it seems to take - at the moment the
URL is usb://HP/Laserjet%20HP1300, which I did not assign).  

> Or without even switching runlevels? 

I don't ever (well, rarely) switch runlevels.

> EVERYTIME I switched from runlevel 5 to runlevel 1 and back to runlevel
> 5 again, my printer dissappeared!  Everytime I got full functionality
> back by restarting CUPS.  (I need to add here that all the messages that
> everytime I tried this experiment, the message that came by relating to
> CUPS starting up, always said "OK") My printer never dissappeared if I
> was just logged in and never switched runlevels.  I ask these questions
> of you, not to question your understanding of this problem, but so that
> someone else on this list who has FAR more knowledge of these things
> than I (that could be virtually everyone :)) might read this and it
> might help them see what the cause of this seemingly common problem is
> :)

Let us hope so.  Not being able to modify, delete, or stop a printer
is annoying, to say the least.



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