[cups.general] CUPS can't find printer (sort of)

Doctorcam cam at ellisonet.ca
Tue Jul 20 10:40:53 PDT 2004

This is an odd one, and has led me to completely purging CUPS from
three systems and re-installing, with no change.

There are 2 printers served by one box, which is the gateway for the
LAN.  When CUPS is installed, test pages run fine, and access is

The next day, nothing prints even though the item is spooled OK,
localhost:/631/printers has an error message to the effect that it
can't find the printer (usb), and any attempt to modify, configure,
etc. the printer (as root) gets a 403 response.

When this happens, I Add a Printer, using exactly the same
information, and the relevant printer resets itself.  Then it prints
just fine, and the error message (after closing the web page and
re-opening it) goes away.

Has anyone encountered this, and if so, what did you do about it?



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